On 23-May-2024 we will start the proces of changing the basic course material and examination system to be compliant with the Regulation update (EU) 2023/989.

We expect that we will need about 2 weeks to change (and test) our systems. After the 12th of Jun all course material and examinations will be compliant with the new regulation. The following changes will be made:

  • Module 9 and Module 10 will no longer have an Essay Question. Only for completing Module 7, two remaining Essay questions are applicable.
  • Module 7A, 9A, 11A and 17A, will become Modules 7, 9, 11 and 17
  • The examinations for Modules 11, 12 and 13 will be divided into 2 exams (both must be passed to complete the module).
  • The course material will be improved. Some examples:
    • Module 4 and 5, various changes are re-arrangements.
    • Module 6, repair and inspection procedures are added for various materials.
    • Sub-Module 7.1, topics are added, for example Fuel Tank Safety.
    • Sub-Module 7.7, Soldering is added (actually moved from 7.15, which is deleted).
    • Sub-Module 7.14.3 addition of Additive Manufacturing.
    • Sub-Module 8.4 added, covering High-Speed Airflow.
    • Module 9, various topics are added, like the Dirty Dozen and Safety Management Systems (SMS).
    • Module 9 is now identical between Cat A, B1 and B2.
    • Module 10, updated and various topics added, like; Oversight Principles, Independent Certifying Staff and Cybersecurity.
    • Modules 11+12+13, updated and divided in various sub-modules, also topic changes.
    • Module 11A and Module 11B&C have been merged into Module 11, which now also covers smaller aircraft (B1.2 - Piston powered aircraft / General Aviation).
    • Module 14, significantly updated (improved) and now also covering Electrical and Hybrid engines.
    • Sub-Module 15.15 added, covering; Alternate Turbine Constructions.
  • The number of questions per module have been increased.

Overall it's a good improvement of the Basic Knowledge Requirements but a considerable change!