Per 12th of Jun-2024 the EASA Part-66 regulations will changes significantly (M7A, M9A, M10 and M13). The content of the modules will changes (some more, some less). It's important to complete modules before the introduction of this regulation. This especially important for the modules 7A, 9A, 10 and 13. When you have completed the complete Module before 12-Jun-2024 (and it's printed on the Certificate of Recognition), the module will remain valid for 10 years as proof that you completed that module.

The Essay question will no longer be required for the modules; 9 (Human Factors) and 10 (Aviation Legislation).

But to pass the Modules 9 and 10, you have two options:

  • Old regulation (upto 11-Jun-2024), you must pass MCQ and Essay => printed on a "Certificate of Recognition", EASA Form 148 Issue 3, or,
  • New regulation (after 12-Jun-2024, you must pass MCQ => printed on a "Certificate of Recognition", EASA Form 148a Issue 1.

In Module 7 (which will keep 2 Essay questions) it appears that the authorities will not allow the mixing of Essay and/or MCQ certificates before and after the regulation change. So it's highly recommended to complete the module before 12-Jun-2024.

Module 13 is split in two (2) examinations. You must pass both examination before 12-Jun-2024. When you have passed only 1 of the 2 examinations, this will not be protected. You will have to conduct the full Module 13 examination again. Which will be divided in 3 (or 4) examinations. 

As the impact of the regulation change is considerable, we will not be scheduling any examinations in Jun-2024, this to enable the database transitions required (incl Training Material Updates, Examination database update, etc.).