Dear Examination Candidate,

There are 2 options for registering for an examination:

  1. Contact one of our partners to have an examination at their premises / location. 
  2. You can contact us directly for examinations at our location.


The first step in the registration process is to acquire a user-login and password. Our partners can provide these user-specific logins.

The second step in the process is completing your "Profile". With this profile we will be able to contact you, and the data which is entered must match your ID-Card or passport. 

Before each examination we will check and match your identity with; your ID card and the entered data in the profile. The data in the profile will also be used on the certificate when this is issued. 


The third step is registering for a specific Module Examination (date, location, etc.). After you have registered you with automatically (within 1 hour) also be authorized in the e-learning system to access the course files.